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720c Air Ride Compressor - Air Lift Compatible

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    Air Technik 720C Compressor Stealth Black Amazing 2.54CFM at 0 PSI This compressor pack will work with all Air Lift and manual management packs. You may need an extra relay and wiring to add it to your current system. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Capable of a maximum 200 PSI with a 100% duty cycle to power an air suspension system or any other application you may have. The 720C Performance Pack includes one 12-volt Stealth Black Air Technik 720C air compressors, which is also equipped with a stainless steel braided leader hose with an inline check valve. Note: Use thread sealant for proper installation. Teflon tape is not recommended. Properly sealed, recommended torque is 12 to 15 ft. lbs.

Category Suspension/brakes
Location Sheffield, UK
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Have you got these in chrome?



have you got these in chrome?